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A little bit about me...

From the time I could walk, I have had a deep love for airplanes, and it kept growing as I watched my Dad fly his RC models. When I was seven years old, I took a ride in a J3 Cub airplane and every since then, I have been addicted.

I have my pilot's license and although I am very fond of my Cessna, she is not my only love. My models are just as important, and my favorite pastime is building models from scratch or from kits.

Keleo Creations started almost accidentally with me buying my first radial 450-3 RD engine to go on my Corsair 1/5-scale model. I had a great looking plane and engine and wanted a nice looking exhaust system to go with them. I tried to buy one, but I couldn't find anybody who makes them.

I have a foundry and have always been pretty crafty at making things out of metal, so I attempted to build an exhaust ring. I built the first one out of copper tubing which I hand bent around anything I could get my hands on and needless to say, it looked awful. I didn't let that stop me though and after a couple months' time and much trial and error, I came out with a nice looking exhaust ring that makes the engine sound great.

My modeler friends were really impressed with my ring, and they wanted me to make ones for them. So one day it dawned on me that I should make these rings as more than a hobby. Modelers wouldn't have to go through the hassles I did to get a nice looking exhaust system on their airplanes.

I also wanted to make them affordable. The only other system on the market that I know of is for the OS 5-cylinder engines for about $240. I found that most people don't want to pay that much money for the exhaust ring. After all, we're already in trouble with our significant others for the money we spend on the engines!

I now make exhaust rings in various sizes for different engines and enjoy every minute of it. I hope you enjoy the look and sound they give to your engines.

Happy Flying!

Kelvin Cubbison
Owner and Craftsman

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